A Beginners Guide to Art Collecting

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for our first panel discussion on 'A Beginners Guide to Art Collecting'.

We covered a lot and I hope that this consolidated list of select resources will help with the development of your art collection. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at ash@nintheditions.com if you're looking for additional information or have any questions.

NB: This is primarily for a Toronto-based audience, but we've also included international resources under the ONLINE heading. Do check back as I will continue to add to these lists.



Zine Fairs/Holiday Markets

Artist-Led Fairs

Grad Exhibitions

Studio Sales



 Art Galleries

Art Fairs

Auction Houses

Charity Auctions



Online Galleries

Gallery Shops

    Online Auctions

    Instagram/Artist Websites

    • There are simply too many artists to list individually under this section, but we encourage you to use social media to follow your favourite artists and if you see a piece they've posted - reach out! Buying directly from the artist is totally an option (for most emerging artists) and if they have gallery representation they can connect you directly to their dealer to speak about that specific piece. 



    Art Rental 

    Art Advisors 



    Event Mailers


    Also, a big big thank you to Soho House Toronto and our panel Mia Nielsen (Art Toronto), Laura Mann (Mason Lane), and Jeremy Tsang (Jeremy Does Art Prints/Double Happiness Project) for their insight and expertise. 

    ** Bonus! Mason Lane's Top Tips ↓