A creative collaboration between

Renée Rodenkirchen and Justin Rousseau 






When your hair falls out and you’re not quick enough to vacuum it up… it begins to gather, reform and spawn new life. Your hair watches you while you sleep, it turns up the heat on your drier, it clogs your drain and steals your good hair days. This is a photo series of the pesky, sneaky, cheeky, up-to-no-good little troublemakers called Hair Monsters.


                                                                                                            + POEMS




Binky is a classic sock monster. Their life’s mission is to break up every happy pair of socks. They don't discriminate between clean or dirty socks… they just want to make sure you never have a pair. Singledom for life!

A pair

There will be nowhere

Hide you may dare

But this hair

Will not spare


Yes… Binky is very unfair.




This hair monster is seriously JEALOUS. Their life's missions is to steal all of your good hair days. So, make sure you get to your mirror before them... or it'll be bad hair all the time for your sad head tendrils.




This monster may be cute, but don’t let their innocent face fool you. They're constantly rearranging your important things so YOU DON’T KNOW where anything is. Keys, wallets, passports, remote controls… the list goes on. If you can’t find it then you can bet on Udunno having something to do with it.

In a house full of order

Lived a monster who was a hoarder

The family would clean

But sneaky Udunno was secretly mean

They would take their keys

And hide them where they please

The family slowly unravelled

Because they could not find where their things had travelled




This monster loves to sip sips. They especially love sips of the alcoholic variety. If you notice your booze supply slowly depleting you might just have your very own Moonie helping themselves. Vintage? Rare imported tequila? Did you say expensive?




Ever wonder why you can never get all of the hair out of your hair brush? You can thank Grizzly. This monster is always adding hair to your hairbrush because it hates to see a nude bristle.

I’m a little hairknot

Short and bugged out

Hair I mishandle

Hair I fill out

When I get all geared up

Hair me shout

Grizzly’s filling up your brush

as you clean it out




Shadow loves themselves some chaos, so don’t expect peace and quiet when this monster is hanging around. If you’re wondering why the stove mysteriously turned on then you can bet on a Shadow lurking.




Kissy so very much enjoys to tickle the bottom of your feet just enough to make you squirm. Say goodbye to a relaxing couch hang!

Kissy wissy’s

Smoochie woochies

Make you

Squirmy wormy





Sneaky Peaky is the monster hall monitor. They're always sneaking and peaking around to keep an eye on things.




Trippy is a lover of intertwined, tangled, knotted, flipsy flopsy, no end in sight, jumbled messes. Double check your shoe laces... they might be tied together if this monster is around.

Renée Rodenkirchen + Justin Rousseau


Renée Rodenkirchen is an internationally recognized photographer and filmmaker. With a keen eye and clear vision, Renée's experience in photography, film and media has allowed her to hone a distinct view and a playful aesthetic, making work that stands out. She is the Partner and Lead Director of the female-led production company called Poolhouse Creative that specializes in telling brand stories through visual content.



Justin Rousseau is an artist and session stylist based in Toronto. His work in the fashion and beauty industry greatly influences his work as an artist in the mediums of drawing, painting, sculpture, and film. His work explores the visual representation of ourselves, how we see and feel about ourselves, our ideas involving conventions of beauty, and cultural representations and perceptions of beauty.