house of borg


Meet the radiant Gabriella Nassief Borg, founder and creative mind behind House of Borg, an interior design consultation specializing in styling and staging services based in Toronto. Gabriella works directly with clients to transform their space, seamlessly integrating vintage finds, contemporary art, lighting, textiles, and so much more. She also curates an incredible online Link Shop + Vintage Market of independent makers and vendors on her website that brings together all of her best finds.

Gabriella's approach to design is multifaceted and very client focused, creating spaces that truly speak to the people that live there. We had a great chat on Instagram Live last year where we discussed design, framing, experience building, and starting an art collection.

We're excited to bring you our latest curated collection from a woman who appreciates and celebrates every space and every detail.  





curated collection

                        for the living room

for the hallway                  

              for the dining room

for the kitchen                        

for the bedroom

                for the bathroom



meet the founder, Gabriella.

I appreciate harmony and have an obsessive eye for flow and creative design solutions. If you catch me spacing out, it’s likely because I’m staring at something that needs to be moved 2 inches to the left. That’s just always been me. Perfectionist doesn’t feel right, but let’s just say I’m all about creating a pleasing environment⁠—and I hate overhead lighting.

My influences include: the eternal treasure hunt of finding vintage items, power clashing colour palettes, textures that need to be touched, artifacts turned into accents, and fresh cut flowers year-round. I like my rugs on the walls, accent pillows layered, and house plants bountiful. I’m a firm believer that shopping for new furniture is not the only way to give your space a new look. My favourite approach to any space is to rearrange, reuse, recycle and refinish something preexisting within your space or, to find what you are looking for locally.