In the studio w/
Nathan Eugene Carson


Nathan Eugene Carson is a true artist in every sense of the word. We caught up with him at his Hamilton studio as he was preparing for his installation of 100 Souls at the Artist Project Toronto to talk process, inspiration, and the excitement that surrounds in-person art experiences.


Favourite —
Artist: My favourite artist is Caravaggio.

Art Institution: I have two that are dear to my heart...The Art Gallery of Hamilton / The Cloisters (NYC).

Season: Fall/Winter — I like layers! Scarves and mittens are a must!  

Meal: My favourite meal is breakfast.  

Game: Super Mario Bros 3 (Classic Nintendo), Baseball, Monopoly, and Truth or Dare .

"There is always sound in my space when I'm creating."  

"Creating a new body of work on the spot was really fun."


Do you listen to anything in particular when you're in the studio?

I listen to lots of different music, from heavy metal to bubble gum pop. Also, I watch a lot of artist documentaries. There is always a sound in my space when I am creating.

What was your favourite part of being back in person at this year's Artist Project?

Creating a new body of work on the spot was really fun and a bonus was meeting a new artist friend, Teran McNeely.

Do you work off of source imagery or your memory/imagination?

Almost always imagination.

You often paint portraits of humans and animals — which do you enjoy painting most? And, why?
I enjoy painting animals more, humans are more tricky to paint.
What are your thoughts on collaboration?
I have one coming up in the next year that is a BIG dream come true collaboration, my dear artist friend Julie Jenkinson. We have been friends for years and have always talked about creating something together.
What are you currently working on?
Currently working on a Circus series which i am completing for my artist in residency at the Art Gallery of Hamilton 2022-2023.

Nathan's tip for art collecting:

Only buy what you love and trust the right piece will never miss you!

Current Exhibitions on View

Thank you for following along! Available works by Nathan can be found here.



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