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For International Women’s Day we’ve partnered up with Toronto artist Leia Bryans and bridal boutique Loversland (led by entrepreneurs Yvonne Reidy and Danielle Gulic) to release a series of limited edition prints inspired by LOVE.

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Self-love, self-empowerment, what love brings to your life, what love can do to support the people around you and what love means to each and every one of us is completely unique. The theme is both personal and universal, much like the issues women around the globe continue to face – the individual and collective experience matters, must be listened to, and acted upon accordingly. We’re grateful for the conversations being had and the work being done, but there is still so far to go, even within Canada.


As part of our IWD series, we will be donating $10 from the sale of every print to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, Canada's public foundation for women and girls focusing on prevention of gender-based violence, women’s economic development, girls’ empowerment, and inclusive leadership.

For more information on the incredible work they do, please see www.canadianwomen.org.


About the Artist // LEIA BRYANS

We asked Leia a series of question about her practice, what inspires her and how love influences her work.

What inspired you to become an artist?

I'm not sure there was any one event that brought me here, nor would I say it was exactly a conscious choice. I feel as though I'm still learning what it means to be an artist, but the necessity to explore my own creativity continues to drive me.
Can you tell us about your process?
I generally keep various scraps of paper with scribbles and different colour palettes around my studio for inspiration when starting a painting or drawing. Ultimately it can be different every time, but my process always begins with something that inspires me, and I just see where it goes.
A lot of your work explores the female body, where do you draw inspiration?
I find the female form to be so interesting in its fluidity and ability to be so abstract. But I'm also very much inspired by the colour I see in objects, nature and even architecture.
How has love informed your artwork?
The presence of love in my work has come and gone and changed shapes over time. Romantic love used to be a part of my process much more, but it's shifted towards an inward love - more about my relationship with myself and how art makes me feel.
How do you celebrate love every day?
In different ways, but mostly working on maintaining healthy relationships with the things and people that make me happy!
What’s the most important piece of advice you’d give to a woman thinking of starting a career as an artist?
Continue to grow, challenge yourself and listen to your gut! Check in with yourself often and make sure you're creating art for the right reasons, whatever those may be to you.

Loversland // Yvonne Reidy + Danielle Gulic


Meet the women behind the shop for lovers and all things bridal. Loversland launched in 2014 with a completely new approach to prepping for the big day with a contemporary, refreshing and laid-back take on the aesthetic and process. LoversLand is inclusive and approachable; space where people of all races, religions and sexual preferences can celebrate love. Partnering up with this 100% women-owned and operated company for our first collaboration has been a true example of how positive it is when women come together.


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