Marina Anaya
x Ninth Editions

We've partnered with internationally recognized Spanish artist Marian Anaya to showcase a small collection of her exquisite prints. Take a moment to view the video of her time intensive and detailed process rooted in traditional printmaking techniques.  

video by: kyle mccrea  


We partnered with Marina Anaya to reach beyond our boarders and showcase artworks we believe are truly unique to our audience. We're seeing fewer artist pursue printmaking practices because traditional techniques are complex and intensive. Marina continues to use these techniques, experimenting with the process, all while prioritizing sustainability in her practice and using non-toxic chemicals.

Marina's whimsical imagery, thoughtfully layered to create playful and romantic narratives, captivated us immediately and we're so excited to share her work with the Ninth Editions community.


About the Artist // MARINA ANAYA

Marina (b. PALENCIA, SPAIN, 1972) studied a variety of artistic mediums, with emphasis on printmaking and painting, and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Cuenca, Spain, in 1996. She was granted the same year by the AECI (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation) in Florianopolis, Brazil, extending her practice by teaching and researching in the field of Plastic Arts while working on her own works and projects. She attended her Doctorate degree courses in La Habana, Cuba, between 1996 and 1999, which influenced her work with a passion for vivid characters and colours.


In 1998 she moved to Madrid, Spain, where she lives and works. Marina is passionate about promoting printmaking as an art form, exploring new ways to enrich this technique and being very concerned about the environment, using non-toxic products to this end. She has been involved in a wide variety of individual and collective exhibitions, not only in Spanish galleries she works with regularly but also in foreign cities such as Shanghai and Amsterdam. ARTMADRID and STAMPA are other important art fairs which endorse her works. Apart from printmaking, painting, and sculpture, she is also devoted to other related fields such as design and illustration.



For more on Marina Anaya's work you can visit her website here.

A special thank you to Eugenia Alvarez for helping facilitate this partnership!