tini monti


First up in our new series we have a kid-focused collection curated by sisters, Jessie and Emily Sorell, who co-founded Tini Monti. Their gorgeous kidswear and kidsware bundled items are thoughtfully chosen with each piece finding that perfect harmony between quality, sustainability, and aesthetics.

I, as most parents do, often think about the longevity of what I buy for my kids and this extends from shoes, to toys, to art on the walls. Together, Jess and Em, selected a series of works your littles can grow with and we can't wait for you to check our their collection below.


curated collection


once upon a time on claremont street.

We’re sisters (best friend kinda sisters). We were even neighbours (share a porch, connecting backyards kinda neighbours). And we’re working moms (just like the rest of you). As members of the mama club, we know that your heads are full of to-do lists, grocery lists, wish lists and worry lists.

Tini Monti is our brain baby, conceived on our street - Claremont, hence Monti - and it’s how we hope to make your load a little lighter (while keeping your kids looking good). Trust us, we know the constant push and pull of new vs. pre-loved, fast fashion vs slow, big brands vs small, colour vs neutrals, etc. etc.

Honestly, how, why, when did it get this complicated? We don't think it needs to be.

Tini Monti wants to be your happy place, your go-to, your true-blue, your don’t think twice, your everything nice, your one-stop kids shop.