Laura Dawe

Laura Dawe is a painter/director/writer in Toronto, Canada.


My work is sometimes writing, sometimes video, often painting, recently performance. It is always, in some way, about myself. It is always about people and what it feels like to be a person. Sometimes being a person feels as simple as a vase or a building. It is often funny. Or sad. Fragile, imbued with false worth, or re-painted a million times.

My process, regardless of the medium, is to identify my most dominant or uncomfortable feeling and to express it.

She holds an MFA from OCADU. In 2012, she wrote and directed the short DREEMER through the CFC director's lab. It went to SLAMDANCE and was broadcast on IFC. In 2010, she wrote and directed a pre-apocalyptic feature film called LIGHT IS THE DAY

Laura's work can also be found at Division Gallery, Toronto.